What to do When External SSD turns RAW?

For unknown reasons you may see that your SSD disk has turned RAW. A RAW Solid State Drive rather shows up the disk is not formatted error and you won’t be able to read any data from it. This is indeed a ridiculous situation when you are not able to access the data or files that are saved onto the external SSD media.

Despite this, there are various reasons that cause trouble with SSD drive and result in data inaccessibility. You would be even not able to write any data to the drive. However, some common reasons behind issues with SSD media include-

  • Virus infection/malware threats
  • Inappropriate disk operations
  • Abrupt system shut down
  • Improperly ejected SSD drive from SSD
  • Other SSD errors

Alongside this SSD not formatted error you should actually not go with formatting the drive. Doing so will wipe all the data that is stored on the SSD drive. Just in case, if you have formatted the RAW SSD drive then you should stop using the drive if you want to restore the data.  Still, resides on the SSD partitions even after format operation. Performing any write operations on the formatted drive will overwrite on the data that you may want to retrieve. Under both the conditions where SSD is RAW and the RAW SSD been formatted, the data can be still recovered. Thus, in the next section, there is an effective solution on what to do when external SSD turns RAW.

How to restore SSD drive?

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one recommended solution that can easily get off data from formatted or RAW SSD drive. Download the application on your computer and securely restore all the files instantly. Yodot scans the inaccessible drive and retrieves all the data or required data from the SSD media in their original format. It is a friendly application that any non-technical user can perform a data recovery operation with a greater ease.