Tutorial to Open RAR and ZIP File on Different Device

In schools, colleges or offices you must have encountered with RAR and ZIP files. Before we discuss about the steps to open RAR or ZIP files, let’s discuss something about RAR files:

RAR files are compressed files which are created with WinRAR tool. It is very likely to ZIP files except some of the advantages of RAR files. The RAR file type allows user to even split the files into multiple parts. You are able to open ZIP file even with the in-built Windows functionality but RAR files can be accessed third party tool only.


There are lots of application for Windows to open RAR and ZIP files. But the best choice is WinRAR tool from the developers of RAR file format. You need to use premium version for WinRAR in order to employ WinRAR. You can also go for 7-ZIP tool to open files on a Windows based computer.

Steps to use 7-ZIP tool on Windows

  1. Download and install 7-ZIP Windows tool on your laptop or PC. Download the tool according to the version of your Windows operating system.
  2. Right click on the file, you have 7-Zip in the pane. So choose Extract files from the 7-Zip menu. Once you extract the files, you are able to view the files.

It is my personal recommendation to use 7-ZIP tool in place of other software as it is open source, free and reliable in opening RAR files.

Mac OS X

There are not much alternatives for Macintosh system as compared to Windows. Still, there are few choices like UnRarX, The Unarchiver, etc. Both the apps are free and quick in opening RAR files. So download any of the software on your PC, launch it and drag the file to the app such that app windows opens and starts extracting RAR file.


It is really cool to export RAR files on android as it contains plenty of reliable apps on Google store.  But download and install RAR tool from play store. Open the application on your mobile then try to find the RAR file stored in memory card. Once you found the file, tab and open the file without any issue.


Zip and RAR file extractor is a free app on iOS to open RAR or ZIP files. It is reliable and efficient in extracting RAR files from iOS devices. However, it is possible that disaster might happens as a result of which ZIP or RAR files get corrupted and become inaccessible. If you are looking for tool to know how to fix corrupt WinZIP files then use reliable third party tool.