The Best Personal Cloud Storage Devices 2016 for Home Media

Cloud is an online storage which is an integral part of everyone life’s now. But many people don’t like to store their data without being able to see this cloud storage device. The personal cloud storage devices is an ideal solution for users to manage their home media effectively.

Surprising cloud storage services for home media

Cloud storage does not require online adventure. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to find the right device to store your significant data. To help you to figure out optimal choice we have rounded up and tested this below mentioned cloud storage services just have a look to find your right box.

LaCie CloudBox- Simplest cloud service

The cloud storage service for home media should not be complicated. The LaCie CloudBox is the simplest version of personal cloud storage in which you have to switch on the box, hit it with the mouse and the task is done. Some unique features of this simple box is illustrated below:

  • This box works well on all devices that supports internet like cell phones, tablets and PCs.

  • It collects files from variety of devices and save that information on the in-built hard drive to keep it secured.

  • To prevent data also it can also be used as a backup.

  • You can easily share file among your friends and family.

  • Provides various options like create private folder, set limitation to the users to preserve your privacy.

Western Digital MyCloud- Flexible cloud storage

One who want to have personal cloud storage at home then the Western Digital MyCloud box is the most flexible solution. Even from your mobile phones it’s possible to save your data and it’s really easy process. You can access the files from anywhere at any time and from different devices having internet connection.

D-Link ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000

The D-Link ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000 offers user better security and also provide flexibility to store data on a personal cloud at an ease. However, its not simple to setup this system but it gives an option to the end user to select particular drive to store their data. This box holds two SATA hard disks, to improve performance you can also extend it up to a JBOD or RAID 0 or 1.

Seagate Central

The Seagate is a very famous and popular company that manufacture many types of storage gadgets and hard disk drives. With growing technology and popularity of personal cloud devices it also introduced Seagate Central. This cloud box allows you to store information from different types of devices like personal computer as well as mobile phones. Apart from this, supports Facebook backups to backup your social media account. The compact small size of this system occupy less room and easily operate by Samsung smart TVs and Blu-Ray players through specially made apps.