Recover Seagate External Hard Drive by Few Simple Mouse Clicks

Seagate is one of the world’s most recognized brands when it comes to manufacturing data storage devices. These hard drives are well known to deliver smooth and reliable storage which is built using highly upgradable designs. With a large number of music, photos and other files generated today, you may find that Seagate external hard drive becomes your first choice to manage your important data.

Apart from reliability files can be lost from a Seagate external hard drive due to different reasons, but files have never been really removed from the external hard disk no matter how they got lost. Losing data from Seagate external hard drive is very painful, let’s get to know the main reasons behind this data loss:

  • Formatting Seagate hard drive accidentally, instead of formatting a local disk when connecting to computer could be more probable reason behind data loss.
  • Deleting some of the important files or all files stored on the Seagate hard drive results in losing valuable data.
  • Software issues like Windows pop up “Disk not formatted” error when trying to access the Seagate hard disk in “My Computer” and its file system shows RAW not found in FAT32 or NTFS.
  • Seagate external hard drive cannot be recognized in “My Computer”, and you are unable to open the external hard drive in “Disk Management”.
  • Making use of Seagate external hard drive when fluctuations occurring in power supply may lead to a hard drive crash, where the data stored at the time before crash will be lost entirely.

When any of these scenarios occurred and you are un-able to access data stored on Seagate external hard drive don’t get worried. Data lost on hard drive does not mean that you can’t retrieve it anymore because the data will still remain in memory until it gets rewritten. By making use of a reliable third party application we can recover lost data. Seagate external hard drive recovery is easy by making use of prominent recovery tool Remo Recover.

Why to make use of Remo Recover tool?

Remo Recovery tool comes with built-in powerful algorithms, which performs deep scanning of entire hard disk, and recovers data with few mouse clicks. This tool works on both Windows and Mac OS, making it possible for you to recover data even from a reformatted partitions / volumes respectively. This utility helps in all file type recovery process, which supports file systems of both Windows and Mac systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, HFSX, etc. Most prominent features of this software are as follows:

  • You can add new signatures to the list using “add / edit” option.
  • Makes it possible to recover data from crashed hard drives and from those which refuses to boot.
  • By making use of this tool you can get back all types of file formats (Photos, Audios, Videos, Movies, PDF, Spreadsheets, Games, Animation Files, Text documents, etc).
  • Apart from Seagate HDD recovery, you can also utilize this application to retrieve data from Samsung, Toshiba, WD, Buffalo HDD and many other brands utmost ease.
  • Recovery of compressed files from a formatted hard drive is possible with this utility.
  • Enables data recovery from hard drives having bad sectors by creating disk images of it.
  • Comes with a free demo version where you can check how accurate the recovery process is.
  • Provides recovery in a safe and secure way, as the tool is virus / malware free.

NOTE: It is recommended that not to use the hard drive on which you lost the data because as the recovery chances could be reduced when you use external hard drive after data loss.