Few Detail About Apple Mac OS Sierra

Few words about Mac OS Sierra: Mac OS Sierra is the thirteen update of the Mac and usually used in desktops, laptops and Smartphone. When user upgrade their device from older edition to the Mac OS Sierra update then your Mac not booting after Sierra update this issue can be easily repaired by suing some in-built techniques on Mac or by suing some third party repair tool which has the ability to fix any type of issues occurred in Mac OS device and compactable on all versions of Mac OS X. The previous version of apple was given to the

How We Can Optimize the Storage Space of the iPhone

iPhone is a Smartphone which is designed by Apple company, and has the combination of iPod, digital camera, tablet Pc and cellular phone. iPhone is extremely thin but wider and longer than any other devices. iPhone was first realized with two internal storage option that is 4 GB and 8 GB, later after few years Apple removed 4GB storage and added with the 16 GB storage space. The iPhone keeps going on changing as years go now the available storage for Apple iPhone is 32 GB ,128 GB ,256 GB. Sometimes your storage of your iPhone gets full due to

Tutorial to Open RAR and ZIP File on Different Device

In schools, colleges or offices you must have encountered with RAR and ZIP files. Before we discuss about the steps to open RAR or ZIP files, let’s discuss something about RAR files: RAR files are compressed files which are created with WinRAR tool. It is very likely to ZIP files except some of the advantages of RAR files. The RAR file type allows user to even split the files into multiple parts. You are able to open ZIP file even with the in-built Windows functionality but RAR files can be accessed third party tool only. Windows There are lots of

Download ScanPST.exe – The Inbox Repair Tool

Why there is need of Scan.exe tool? There are many reasons due to which Outlook crashes or cannot open personal folder. In order to fix such issues, you need to employ Scan.exe tool. However, it has few limitations due to which you are unable to sort out the issues. Some of the limitations are mentioned below: Unable to fix large PST file High level of corruption issues Improper installation of ScanPST.exe Meanwhile, you are able to install the ScanPST.exe tool on all the versions of Outlook application. The Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe) helps user to fix problems associated with personal

How to Fix QuickTime MOV File with No Sound?

QuickTime is a media player to play MOV files on both Mac and Windows system. Sometimes MOV files loses audio where video is encoded in a format which is inaccessible to QuickTime. There are many reasons for QuickTime MOV file no sound. Some of the reasons with appropriate solution are mentioned below: QuickTime MOV File No Sound due to Hardware Issues  It may happen due to faulty system or speakers. So, it is recommended to check the MOV file on other computer in order to be sure that there is no hardware issue.               No Sound After QuickTime Update After

Steps to Restore Missing DLL Files on Windows 7

Have you lost Dynamic Link Library on Windows 7 based system? Due to missing DLL files, you are unable to access application. Under such severe condition, you need to uninstall and re-install the application or you can recover missing DLL files with the help of third party tool. Can anyone suggest reliable tool to restore DLL files Windows 7 free? Remo Recover is an efficient and effective tool to restore DLL files Windows 7 in few simple steps. It recovers DLL files as well as other generic and RAW files. With the implementation of Remo Recover tool, you can easily

Outlook 2016 Won’t Open Word Attachments

Hello!!! I am using Office 365 with the latest update of Microsoft Office. Whenever I try to preview or open Word files on Outlook 2016, it states an error like there is no previewer available. I try to open files several times and finally receive a message that “the file is corrupted and cannot be opened”. Such problem never occurs in Office 2013. Windows 10 operating system is installed on my laptop. Is there any possibility to fix the issue that cannot open Word attachments in Outlook 2016? There is a solution for opening attachments in Outlook 2016. Follow below-mentioned

Document Modifying on Mac and PC

Will MS Word for Apple and Windows pages work together and can I access the files which are same with both programs? Now I am taking a new Mac but I don’t know whether if I need to but the new Mac Word version just to perform work on documents which I send forth and back to myself from PC. Apple’s program of Word processing for Mac and iOS Operating System can also access the word file but we cannot able to use all features of Word on your Mac like fonts and some other type of formatting might not

Know which is better – Solid State Drive or Hard Drive

Nowadays, most of the people are using computers for their official as well as personal work. But, while purchasing computers or laptops, for computing needs, still many users are in confusion to make a decision to take a hard disk drive or solid state drive, as a storage component. Some users are still not familiar with Solid State Drive vs hard drive which is better among these two. So, now the question is solid state drive or hard drive which is better? Well, there is no straight forward answer to this question. It completely depends on the needs of individuals.

Simple Steps to Fix Corrupt Word File

Microsoft Word is a tool used to created presentation and assignments which is designed and developed by Microsoft. It is available in different versions such as Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. However, due to certain reasons Word files get corrupted and you are unable to read data. Under such condition, you are looking for tool to fix corrupt Word files as soon as possible. Is it possible to repair corrupt Word files? If yes, please suggest third party tool to fix corrupt Word file. Remo Repair Word tool is an efficient tool to fix corrupt Word