New Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system is the effective and latest operating system introduced by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corp is caption into 2016 on a typically progressive note, but for the next upcoming year it will bring a new variation and challenges to Redmond. Many of the spotlight was on the progress, new strategy and launch around Windows 10 operating system. Cloud ruled the financial reports, whereas the Microsoft Office 2016 was successfully tested ok and launched for both Mac systems and Windows PCs. As millions of the computer users are working with Windows 10 operating system because of its advanced and new functionality.

Microsoft’s is flowing strategy caused in huge layoffs and administrative scuffling across all the divisions, in calculation to a $7.5 billion write-down linked to its Nokia purchase one year before. On top, Redmond is opposite the challenge of a stressed personal computer market and the company stepped into 2016, it intend to remain exploring new concepts and technologies. As the current report from Microsoft shares visions from investigators across the world who thought to discover artificial intelligence, new potential and advanced security for cloud.

Windows 10 is acquainted and easy to use, with several common functions of Windows 7 operating system like Start menu. Microsoft Windows 10 OS starts up and restarts very fast, that consists of many more in built security in order to assist you to have safe and then it is designed to compatible work on both software and hardware which you previously using.

New specifications of Windows 10 operating system:

  1. Microsoft Edge is one of the attractive and interesting feature that is used to move instantly from browsing to main screen. You need to type notes or write1 on the web pages and then share them with your friends so that you can read online articles for free of disturbance and save your favorite articles that you like most and you can access later.
  2. Compare to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 it has faster managing desktop and it contains four things on one display screen at the particular instant of time and create virtual PC’s whenever you like to have more space in order to play games.
  3. Introduced the Windows Store a new app that can be used for unified shopping practice among every Windows 10 gadgets. You can easily browse the Windows store on your smartphone, PC, or tablet and then easily download new apps (including music, games, films, TV shows, etc.) for free.