MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air – Which is better?

Are you planning to buy Apple laptop? MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are the ones that are most widely selling Apple laptops in these days. Are you in confusion whether to buy MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Then, go through this page to know the features of both the laptops, as here we describe the features of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in detail.

In October 2016, Apple confirmed that it would stop updating MacBook Air line, and concentrate on its MacBook Pro line. But, the MacBook Air is still on sale, though, which means that comparing the two is more important than ever. So, now let’s take a look and see which one is better for you to buy.

MacBook Air Vs MacBook Pro: The Glorious Touch Bar

One of the fanciest features that Apple has introduced was a new touch sensitive Retina strip that replaces the function keys and sits just below the screen. It is called the Touch Bar, and one can twiddle the brightness and volume, but it changes depending on the Apps you are using. In Safari, it will show your Bookmarks and a search field, in photos you can scroll through pics. It looks great and frees up space on your display for other things.

There is an auto correction that will show you the suggested words, and Touch ID finally comes to MacBook Pro. An Apple T1 chip tucked inside the MacBook Pro lets you make purchases with the security at the forefront. As MacBook Pro comes out with multi-touch enabled, you can scrub through videos without taking your finger off the bar.

You will be able to buy a version of MacBook Pro either with or without the Touch Bar feature. But, MacBook Air doesn’t come with anything similar.

Battery Life:

When it comes to the battery life, MacBook Pro will work for 10 hours of wireless web browsing. But, we will have to get them for ourselves to see how well they really last.

However, MacBook Airs tend to beat this figure, and Apple claims that it will run for 12 hours of wireless web browsing and 30 days standby mode and that’s about right in our experience.

CPU, GPU, and RAM:

As the name itself suggest, MacBook Pro is designed by keeping professionals in mind, whereas MacBook Air aimed at lighter users.

Every 15-inch MacBook Pro comes out with a quad-core 6th generation Sky Lake Intel Core CPU with a Radeon Pro GPU, which boasts the Polaris architecture. The Solid State Drives are quicker, and there is an advanced thermal architecture that helps funnel all that heat out of the thin body.

The 13-inch version can be configured with either a dual-core i% or i& processor and it has a much faster SSD, Intel Iris graphics, and the advanced thermal architecture.

These are more powerful machines than the MacBook Air, however, that should not really come as a surprise. MacBook Air starts with a 5th generation Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics 6,000 GPU, with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD

Both versions of the 13-inch MacBook Air comes out with 8 GB RAM, whereas the MacBook Pro comes out with either 8GB or 16 GB RAM.

MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air: You would better like USB-C

Just like it did with the svelte 12-inch MacBook, the new slew of MacBook is about USB-C. MacBook Pro replaces the separate USB Type A and Thunderbolt ports with four USB-C ports. These are compatible with Thunderbolt too that makes all your displays still work. Still, the change may be a pain to some, but it is sure that they will be lots of dongles available.

The iconic MagSafe port is going too so that you will be charging your laptop via USB-C. However, we are going to miss that magnetic safety net though. The SD card slot is the other painful loss.

MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air: Price and Verdict

When it comes to the price, Apple’s cheapest laptop went from 749 pounds to 949 pounds for the 13-inch MacBook Air. That’s frankly outrageous price for a laptop this old. Want 256 GB storage? You are looking at 1,099 pounds.

The new slew of MacBook Pros is not light of the wallet either, especially if you live in the United Kingdom. The non-Touch Bar totting Pro starts at $ 1,449, whereas the base model with Touch Bar starts from $ 1,749.

However, if you want the 15-inch model, then you should spend up to 2,349 pounds for the 2.6 GHz model with 256 GB storage, while 2,699 pounds gets you 512 GB storage and 2.7 GHz processor.

In short, Apple has all but eliminated the good reasons to buy MacBook Air. MacBook Air is running old tech, the screen is not great and the price has not dropped much. But, if your budget will only go as far as the MacBook Air, you would definitely won’t be able to afford any of the MacBook Pro models at this price.

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