Know Why your iPod Doesn’t Respond

IPod is Smartphone which is compatible to store any number of apps. IPhone acts as user friendly device. Using this device any user can make calls, communicate with the help of text message, have an access to email; user can click hundreds of good clarity images, etc. If access to all these features is stopped then how will user feel, very annoying right? That’s what this article meant to explain you. How this freezing happens and in what way you can avoid freezing of iPod and finally a solution to fix this issue. Hope it will be helpful information to avoid iPod freeze.

Reasons for iPod to get freeze:

  • If you partially download a file from internet or download it from unreliable site or device is full of virus then your iPod will be full of corrupt files. If you try to open such corrupt files then necessary actions are not performed at all, this is the main cause for iPod to get freeze.
  • If iPod memory is almost full of apps due to overflow of memory, your device may be in frozen state when you try to use it for any task.
  • If the iPod device is not used properly like forcing it to off state or removing memory card without power off it manually, etc. will all make your iPod frozen.
  • Sometimes users keep on charging their iPod device even after battery indicates its full or they won’t charge until battery life is completely over such typical kind of usage may also cause iPhone to get freeze.

How to avoid iPod freezing?

  • Always keep your iPod fully charged.
  • Close all the apps that are running in background.
  • Always update your iPod software.
  • Better if you delete unnecessary apps from iPod device.

How to get out from iPod freezing situation:

When your iPod gets freeze first thing you need to do is resetting. For resetting, you need to hold menu button and select button (center button) at a time until you see Apple logo on the screen. When iPod logo appears, let go off buttons and allow the device to reboot. If it doesn’t work out then remove and reattach the battery.