How We Can Optimize the Storage Space of the iPhone

iPhone is a Smartphone which is designed by Apple company, and has the combination of iPod, digital camera, tablet Pc and cellular phone. iPhone is extremely thin but wider and longer than any other devices.

iPhone was first realized with two internal storage option that is 4 GB and 8 GB, later after few years Apple removed 4GB storage and added with the 16 GB storage space. The iPhone keeps going on changing as years go now the available storage for Apple iPhone is 32 GB ,128 GB ,256 GB.

Sometimes your storage of your iPhone gets full due to more file saving and also because of some other reason. This issue can be easily fixed by optimizing the storage space of your iPhone.

Now let us discuss how we can optimize the storage space of the iPhone device:

Photos and videos:

iPhone with 8MP camera hos high quality images and video is captured in 1080p so that the size of each image and video which is captured on your iPhone device is more because of high quality images. If you keep on capturing images and video from many years and saving on your iPhone device itself then storage device gets full. To fix this you need to check which is the necessary files from you and delete the unwanted images and videos from your iPhone storage device. While deleting some unwanted files, if you accidentally deleted the important photos and videos then using recovery tool like Remo Recover tool which is the easy way to recover iPhoto pictures.

Sync to desktop:

As we discussed if your storage of iPhone is full with images, videos and other important files then instead of deleting the files from your iPhone, you can sync tall the saved file which is available on storage location of iPhone to your computer so that whenever you need to can sync it back to your iPhone device. And if in case due to some reason if your iPhone should be formatted then without any worries you can format the iPhone device and sync the old and important file back to your iPhone.

iCloud photo library:

In present version of iPhone there is an option of creating an account in cloud storage and store the important data like photos and video. Similarly, iPhone has iCloud storage where you can save the important photos and video which has been captured on your iPhone camera and you can free the space of the iPhone storage by deleting the already saved files in iCloud and sync those saved files whenever they need back to the storage path of the iPhone. In iCloud your saved data will be safe and won’t get damaged or modified. Using userid and password you can login to the iCloud and sync the photos and videos which you need back.

As explained in above points, using this option you can easily optimize the storage space of iPhone.