How to Fix QuickTime MOV File with No Sound?

QuickTime is a media player to play MOV files on both Mac and Windows system. Sometimes MOV files loses audio where video is encoded in a format which is inaccessible to QuickTime. There are many reasons for QuickTime MOV file no sound. Some of the reasons with appropriate solution are mentioned below:

QuickTime MOV File No Sound due to Hardware Issues 

It may happen due to faulty system or speakers. So, it is recommended to check the MOV file on other computer in order to be sure that there is no hardware issue.              

No Sound After QuickTime Update

After updating QuickTime app, it might be possible that that the file still doesn’t play audio. It leads to poor MOV file rendering due to which sound is absent.

Follow below mentioned steps to fix error:

  1. Launch QuickTime player on your computer.
  2. Select Edit menu which is second left from top
  3. Scroll to the last option Preferences and click on QuickTime Preferences.
  4. Open Audio tab and check in Safe Mode option. Now Apply and press OK to finish.

Play MOV video and check whether sound is absent or present. There is possibility that you may fix audio problems with above mentioned steps.

No Sound playing Video on QuickTime in Windows 7

I am not able to play MOV file with audio in QuickTime player . I am using Windows 7 based computer. Can anyone suggest reliable way to fix sound issue in QuickTime player

Steps to Fix No Sound Issue in QuickTime on Windows 7

  1. Launch the application and click on Edit tab at the top left.
  2. Click on Preferences > QuickTime Preferences
  3. Click on Audio tab and set Rate to 32 kHz, size to 16bits and channels to Stereo
  4. Select Browser tab and check in Plays movies automatically and press Apply and OK.
  5. Choose Advanced tab and check in Enable encoding using legacy codecs and press OK.
  6. In the steaming section, choose Transport (Custom), Protocol (HTP) and Port (80) and press OK.

If you are unsuccessful in every attempts, then you need to use reliable third party tool. Remo Repair MOV is an effective tool to repair no sound in MOV file in few steps. It is compatible with all the latest versions of Mac and Windows based machines.

Advanced features of Remo Repair tool

  • Capable in fixing corrupt MOV files from different data storage devices such memory card, USB drive, hard drive, external hard drive
  • Apart from MOV file, you can also fix MP4 files as well as videos captured from iPhones and GoPro cameras. It is free from harmful malwares so you can install on any computer.
  • Easy and simple interface and it consists of advanced algorithm that repair corrupt video with utmost ease. You can also preview repaired files so as to judge the efficiency before purchasing.
  • It is a robust tool which creates replica image of original MOV file so that in case of any disaster you have original file. You can also contact support team while difficulty in repairing videos.