How to Create a Zip File of Multiple Images?

If you have a large number of photos to be sent through email and the size exceeds the maximum size limit that email client supports, then you can and perhaps should take the advantage of WinZip’s resize feature with Zipping and E-mail. This will allow you to send multiple images in one Zip file, and it will neither take forever for your recipient to download it not it will clog their inbox. It is also very convenient for the recipient to download a single Zip file rather than several separate attachments. So, here is a way to create a Zip file of photos on Windows as well as on Mac machines.

How to create a Zip file of Images on Windows?

Step 1: Add your .jpg images to a folder.

Step 2: Then, right-click on this newly created folder and select “Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder”. Here, you will end up with original as well as a zipped copy.

How to create a Zip file of photos on Mac?

Step 1: Add all the .jpg images to a file.

Step 2: Then just CTRL-click on that file and then select “Create Archive”. You will also find an option in the file menu. Either way, you will end up with both the original and the Zipped archive copy.

If you have your photos stored in the memory card of your camera and want to mail those images to your friend, then you need to copy those image files from the SD card to your computer. And then based on Mac or Windows, perform the above-mentioned steps for creating a Zip file of images. Some users use Cut and Paste method for transferring images from memory card to the computer. Sometimes, they may succeed in transferring images to the computer. But, in rare times, due to sudden power outage or abrupt system shutdown during cut and paste method, they may lose their entire pictures folder from memory card. But, luckily one can restore erased pictures from SD card as well as from computer by making use of Remo Recover software. As long as the lost or deleted photos are not overwritten on the memory card, they are recoverable with utmost ease. It recovers JPG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, PSD, NEF, CRW, ARW, CR2, BMP, PNG, DNG, and much more image files.