How to Create a Hard Disk Partition on Mac Sierra?

Mac Sierra is one of the Major OS release issued by Apple and so far it functions smoothly, without any major complexions. At times, it becomes really essential to partition the hard drives, so that you can make use of more than one OS on your device or create a separate storage space. Thus, this article has been written to guide users on how to successfully create a partition on Mac Sierra.

Key points to remember before partitioning

  • When you partition a drive, your available hard disk space also gets split up. Each partition that is created will take up space on your usable storage. In case, if you have low storage capacity on the internal hard disk, it is recommended that you do not move ahead with partitioning process. Instead, you can use an external drive
  • Also, before creating a partition, make sure to take the backup of the hard disk. If you do not wish to manually create a backup on your own, then you can use Time Machine

Instructions to create hard drive partition on Mac Sierra

Step 1: To begin with, open up the Finder from the dock

Step 2: Choose Applications from left side pane

Step 3: Double click on Utilities folder

Step 4:  Select Disk Utility and launch it

Step 5: Choose your hard disk from the given screen. Generally, your drive will be named as either Fusion or Macintosh HD

Step 6: Tap on Partition tab

Step 7: Next, click on + (Plus) button

Step 8: Change the size of the partition by dragging the control provided on the respective window

Note: The used space will be denoted in blue color

Step 9: Give the name to the new partition

Step 10: Finally, hit the Apply button

Safety tip: Cross verify before deleting any partition on your hard drive. However, if you accidentally deleted a partition on Mac Sierra, then don’t be anxious. It is possible to recover deleted partition on Mac using a software known as  Remo Recover.