Download ScanPST.exe – The Inbox Repair Tool

Why there is need of Scan.exe tool?

There are many reasons due to which Outlook crashes or cannot open personal folder. In order to fix such issues, you need to employ Scan.exe tool. However, it has few limitations due to which you are unable to sort out the issues. Some of the limitations are mentioned below:

  • Unable to fix large PST file
  • High level of corruption issues
  • Improper installation of ScanPST.exe

Meanwhile, you are able to install the ScanPST.exe tool on all the versions of Outlook application. The Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe) helps user to fix problems associated with personal folder files (PST).

Download Scanpst.Exe for Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the advanced version of Microsoft Outlook with plenty of new and interesting features in the package. It allows you to connect with peoples through emails and also assist you in managing time and information. But sometimes due to certain issues Outlook become inaccessible and user is unable to read Outlook data. In such severe condition, you need to download Scanpst exe Outlook 2010 to fix damaged or corrupted files. Location of Scanpst.exe in Outlook 2010: <disk drive>\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

Steps to fix PST files using Inbox Repair Tool

In order to Run Inbox Repair tool on your system, you need to download Scanpst exe Outlook 2010 and install the program. Follow simple steps to fix the error:

  1. Launch Inbox Repair tool and Go the location mentioned above.
  2. Choose the location and name for the file which is to be repaired and press Start.
  3. Repeat the process until the problem in Outlook file is fixed.

As we discussed earlier, in few scenarios Scanpst.exe tool fails to repair corrupted files. Under such condition, you need to employ Remo Repair PST to fix damaged and corrupted PST files with ease. It can be implemented on various Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Window 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Scenarios for corruption of PST files in Outlook

  • Error while installing Outlook
  • Harmful virus or malicious program
  • Error in upgradation of Outlook version
  • Improper execution of Outlook application
  • Import/Export error or synchronization error

These are few scenarios for corruption of PST files in Outlook. You can also employ Remo Repair PST tool to fix above-mentioned scenarios easily.

Precautions to reduce the scenarios

  • Install Outlook application properly on your system.
  • Use reliable antivirus program to minimize corruption issue.
  • Backup all important files before upgrading the Outlook version.

Important features of Remo Repair PST tool

  • Compatible in repairing emails, folders, journals, notebook, contacts, reminders, etc.
  • User friendly and robust tool that can easily fix corrupt PST files which are even more than 2GB
  • It creates a replica image of corrupt file before fixing so that you have original file in case of any disaster. So there is no need to worry even you don’t backup the files.
  • Demo version of Remo Repair PST includes all the features except the option to save the repaired files so that users judge the working of tool.