Document Modifying on Mac and PC

Will MS Word for Apple and Windows pages work together and can I access the files which are same with both programs? Now I am taking a new Mac but I don’t know whether if I need to but the new Mac Word version just to perform work on documents which I send forth and back to myself from PC.

Apple’s program of Word processing for Mac and iOS Operating System can also access the word file but we cannot able to use all features of Word on your Mac like fonts and some other type of formatting might not get translate properly, pages can also handle basic Word probably on your PC when you open and modify them on your Mac device. After the completion of editing on pages we can send the files back to the word format before we are exporting it back to the Windows OS. If deadly sounds take benefits of free service online might easier and much convenient experience and document forth and back to the lively between the programs and platform.

We can make use of iCloud service for  Apple’s free web-based iWork to access Word file and pages on both Mac and PC until you sign up for free Apple ID account, anyways you get an Apple ID when you setup a new Mac or Apple service like App store or iTunes store. If you are generating the document file in MS Word on Pc by saying that Word might be smoother in approach.MS Office free offline application works in the Web browser as long with MS account you will be sign in. if you are using Skype, Outlook, hotmail or any other MS service then you need to use the same MS password and username for office online.

When MS office is Online the Word files are saved on MS one drive cloud server or in a dropbox account. You can also modify the Word file on your Mobile device or in computer or we can download them. If you think that the online version of the Office is not enough robust for your needs then Microsoft’s various Office 365 software and subscriptions offers better compatibility for a month or time price. By using open source application with Mac and Windows version is one of another approach if you are not tied fully to MS Word on your system.