Repair Damaged Mov Files

Every file whether audio, video or a document has a certain structure and content associated with it. If incorrect information is written to the file or any damage to the header can lead to corruption. Damage to the storage area where the file is saved can also cause some parts of the file to become unreadable leading to corruption. When you try to open these corrupted video files, they may not open at all or may show an error message if it does open. The video may become pixilated or the audio & video may be out of sync. These

How to Fix QuickTime MOV File with No Sound?

QuickTime is a media player to play MOV files on both Mac and Windows system. Sometimes MOV files loses audio where video is encoded in a format which is inaccessible to QuickTime. There are many reasons for QuickTime MOV file no sound. Some of the reasons with appropriate solution are mentioned below: QuickTime MOV File No Sound due to Hardware Issues  It may happen due to faulty system or speakers. So, it is recommended to check the MOV file on other computer in order to be sure that there is no hardware issue.               No Sound After QuickTime Update After