How to Create a Zip File of Multiple Images?

If you have a large number of photos to be sent through email and the size exceeds the maximum size limit that email client supports, then you can and perhaps should take the advantage of WinZip’s resize feature with Zipping and E-mail. This will allow you to send multiple images in one Zip file, and it will neither take forever for your recipient to download it not it will clog their inbox. It is also very convenient for the recipient to download a single Zip file rather than several separate attachments. So, here is a way to create a Zip

How to Find Lost or Erased Pictures on Computer?

Nothing would be more painful than losing our important and precious photos. Whether it may be due to accidental deletion, unintended formatting, or any other reason, but the result is all the same, we end up in losing our precious images from our computers. If you have lost your memorable images from your computer, then do not worry, here are 3 ways to find lost pictures on computers. Now let us go through those 3 ways to recover deleted pictures on my computer that is running Windows operating system How to find lost images on my computer? Method 1: You