Methods to Fix Corrupted Memory Card

Are you searching for a way to deal with a corrupted memory card? Then, you are at the right place. Here we provide you the easiest and simple ways to repair corrupted memory card. There are many reasons behind the corruption of memory card. Once the memory card gets corrupted, the files stored in it becomes inaccessible. Now, let us learn 5 ways to repair corrupted memory card one by one. Different methods to repair corrupted memory card: Reinstalling the drivers: The first method to fix corrupted memory card is by reinstalling the drivers on your computer. The procedure to

Retrieve your Erased Pictures from Memory Card in Few Clicks

People losing their memorable and favourite pictures from their memory cards is very common issue in these days. These memory cards might have been used in digital cameras, camcorders. Smart phones, iPods, and other electronic gadgets. Whatever may be the devices, losing important images from the device’s memory cards is very painful, especially when no backup was found. Look at few commonly occurred photo deletion scenarios from memory cards, so that one can be very careful and try to avoid such mistakes in future Scenario 1: If the file system of the memory card is corrupted, then it may cause

Best Method to Retrieve Formatted Camera Card Data

In these days, digital cameras are the most widely used device to capture photos in various occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, touring events, and many more. There are wide variety of manufacturers of cameras and few leading one’s are Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, etc. The main source for storing captured images and recorded videos in these cameras is camera card or so called memory card. Now, let us consider a scenario where you have accidentally formatted the camera card of your digital camera by mistake that too without copying the files that are captured in your recent trip event.

Corrupted Memory Card Recovery

Sometimes you may come across the situation like your system has not recognized your drive. Now let us consider a scenario that when read or write process is being processing with the memory card then you may unplug the device from your Mac system. This cause to fail in functionality of the device which has to be processed further and the device may fail almost permanently. Storage devices that are manufactured with proven parts may tend to function abnormally if the device is unplugged while read or write function is being processed. You may get some of the error messages