Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

A solid-state drive is also known as solid-state disk (SSD). It is defined as the nonvolatile data storage device that can be save crucial files and folders on solid-state flash memory. Solid-state drives really aren’t the hard drives in the old-style sense of the term, as SSD drives won’t contain any moving parts. An earlier days the hard disk drive (HDD) involved of a spinning disk in order to read/write head on a motorized arm. Whereas the SSD drives are the array of semiconductor memory associated as a drive disk which consists of integrated circuits (ICs) instead of magnetic or

The Best Personal Cloud Storage Devices 2016 for Home Media

Cloud is an online storage which is an integral part of everyone life’s now. But many people don’t like to store their data without being able to see this cloud storage device. The personal cloud storage devices is an ideal solution for users to manage their home media effectively. Surprising cloud storage services for home media Cloud storage does not require online adventure. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to find the right device to store your significant data. To help you to figure out optimal choice we have rounded up and tested this below mentioned cloud storage services just have a

How to Track Lost iPhone

Apple iPhone plays a vital role in this recent technology because of its brilliant features and functions. Apple In., developed and introduced various versions iPhone models including iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, and so on. In the previous days, when you misplace the mobile phone, the loss is incomplete to just the hardware. And the new user or owner can perhaps just eliminate their SIM card and insert his/her own but with smartphones, in such condition there are many set of issues. For the beginners when they lose all valuable

New Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system is the effective and latest operating system introduced by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corp is caption into 2016 on a typically progressive note, but for the next upcoming year it will bring a new variation and challenges to Redmond. Many of the spotlight was on the progress, new strategy and launch around Windows 10 operating system. Cloud ruled the financial reports, whereas the Microsoft Office 2016 was successfully tested ok and launched for both Mac systems and Windows PCs. As millions of the computer users are working with Windows 10 operating system because of its advanced and

How to Track Health on iPhone or iPod Touch?

Use Health app on your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad touch that shows you data from your health and fitness apps all in one place. In case of emergency for easy retrieval you can save your necessary health information in Medical ID. This health app works with iOS 8 and later versions. Track steps/walking distance using iPhone’s health app: The motion tracking chip is a unique feature added in new iPhones running iOS 8 but before this Health app, loaded onto all iOS devices with iOS 8 platform and equipped prominently on the home screen, is clearly ambitious, but

Create Macros in Excel 2016 with Effective Way

Microsoft Excel is one of the application of MS Office suite developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is the spreadsheet used on Mac OS X, iOS and Windows operating system and Excel spreadsheet consists of various specifications including graphing tools, calculation, pivot tables, macro programming language (Visual Basic). MS Excel has different editions including MS Excel 2003, Excel 2000, Excel 2007, MS 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, and MS Excel 2016. What is Macros? Macros are the small programs that operate within MS Excel and assist automate common iterative tasks. Macros are one of major feature of Microsoft Excel in 2016 on

Know Why your iPod Doesn’t Respond

IPod is Smartphone which is compatible to store any number of apps. IPhone acts as user friendly device. Using this device any user can make calls, communicate with the help of text message, have an access to email; user can click hundreds of good clarity images, etc. If access to all these features is stopped then how will user feel, very annoying right? That’s what this article meant to explain you. How this freezing happens and in what way you can avoid freezing of iPod and finally a solution to fix this issue. Hope it will be helpful information to