How to Restore Formatted Pen Drive Data?

Formatting is the most performed action on pen drives, when they are connected to computers. We usually format our pen drives, in certain circumstances like when pen drive is corrupted, files in the pen drive are inaccessible due to severe virus infection, file system corruption, bad sectors, unusual behaviour of pen drive, and when we want to clear all the contents of the pen drive. In all these circumstances, we won’t get an opportunity to back up our important files, as we are restricted from accessing the pen drive in all such situations. Without formatting the pen drives, we won’t

Recovering Photos from SD Card

How to recover deleted / lost photos from SD memory cards? Read on to learn the process of recovering deleted or lost photos, songs and other media files from a flash memory card. But before that, let us get familiar with some of the most common causes of data loss or file deletion on all flash storage devices. Data loss on SD cards briefed: Data from these flash memory cards can get deleted or go lost on many occasions such as removing files and photos unintentionally, formatting the SD memory card due to any reasons, accidentally deleting files using a