What to do When External SSD turns RAW?

For unknown reasons you may see that your SSD disk has turned RAW. A RAW Solid State Drive rather shows up the disk is not formatted error and you won’t be able to read any data from it. This is indeed a ridiculous situation when you are not able to access the data or files that are saved onto the external SSD media. Despite this, there are various reasons that cause trouble with SSD drive and result in data inaccessibility. You would be even not able to write any data to the drive. However, some common reasons behind issues with

How to Use SSD as Boot Drive to Speed up your Mac?

Solid State Drives (SSD) are similar in operation to Hard Drive such as saving your data, booting your system, managing personal files etc. Nowadays, by using your SSD it is even possible to set up your system. With the use of an SSD operating system will be more responsive and it further helps in loading applications in a faster way. So to use SSD as Boot Drive it is necessary to configure operating system along with system hardware to properly optimize SSD. Replacing Previous Hardware In order to replace your HDD with SSD, there is a need of migrating OS

Outlook Inbox not showing Emails

Do you use MS Outlook to receive emails? Then at some point of time, you may experience that emails not showing up in Outlook. Well, it’s neither your fault nor computer’s but its Microsoft’s as it needs to improve the services it offers. To use Outlook as your email client, you need to change something in your Outlook version. However, this is applied only to email addresses that come from Microsoft, so if your email address contains @outlook, @live, @msn or @hotmail, then you will be affected. First, know what version of Outlook do you have… The solution to this

5 Tips to Speed up a Slow Sony Vaio laptop

Do you know that just like other computers and laptops, Sony Vaio laptops also will run slower and end its life, eventually at some point in time? But, it is still hard to accept it when that happens to your Sony Vaio laptop. You loved the feeling when you purchased the brand new Sony Vaio laptop for the first time – everything seemed blazingly fast. But, as time goes, it starts to run sluggishly, freezes and then, runs slow to start up or shut down, and so forth. What is wrong with your Vaio laptop? You might be blaming Windows

Perform Mac Volume Recovery in Three Easy Steps

To recover a Mac Volume that is lost due to careless or accidental deletion, formatting, or false operation, is now a challenging task for Mac users. Just consider a situation wherein you have accidentally formatted a wrong Volume instead of the required Volume on your Mac machine. As a result of this, all your business, as well as personal files, were lost. Now, you might be thinking how to recover formatted Mac partition and save those valuable data? You may wonder whether a lost HFS or HFS+ Volume could be recovered. If the answer is yes, then how could this

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air – Which is better?

Are you planning to buy Apple laptop? MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are the ones that are most widely selling Apple laptops in these days. Are you in confusion whether to buy MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Then, go through this page to know the features of both the laptops, as here we describe the features of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in detail. In October 2016, Apple confirmed that it would stop updating MacBook Air line, and concentrate on its MacBook Pro line. But, the MacBook Air is still on sale, though, which means that comparing the two is

How to Create a Hard Disk Partition on Mac Sierra?

Mac Sierra is one of the Major OS release issued by Apple and so far it functions smoothly, without any major complexions. At times, it becomes really essential to partition the hard drives, so that you can make use of more than one OS on your device or create a separate storage space. Thus, this article has been written to guide users on how to successfully create a partition on Mac Sierra. Key points to remember before partitioning When you partition a drive, your available hard disk space also gets split up. Each partition that is created will take up

How to Create a Zip File of Multiple Images?

If you have a large number of photos to be sent through email and the size exceeds the maximum size limit that email client supports, then you can and perhaps should take the advantage of WinZip’s resize feature with Zipping and E-mail. This will allow you to send multiple images in one Zip file, and it will neither take forever for your recipient to download it not it will clog their inbox. It is also very convenient for the recipient to download a single Zip file rather than several separate attachments. So, here is a way to create a Zip

Software to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive

How to recover deleted Mac data is a practical question because lots of user encounter this issue. There are no such tool in Mac system to restore deleted data but it has number of ways to restore deleted data on Mac. Let’s have a look on each step one by one: If you have recently deleted a file from finder then it is possible to recover deleted data with the given steps: Select Edit > Undo Move > File reached to its previous position. When the files are present in Trash then simply click on Trash icon in the dock

Methods to Fix Corrupted Memory Card

Are you searching for a way to deal with a corrupted memory card? Then, you are at the right place. Here we provide you the easiest and simple ways to repair corrupted memory card. There are many reasons behind the corruption of memory card. Once the memory card gets corrupted, the files stored in it becomes inaccessible. Now, let us learn 5 ways to repair corrupted memory card one by one. Different methods to repair corrupted memory card: Reinstalling the drivers: The first method to fix corrupted memory card is by reinstalling the drivers on your computer. The procedure to